Water Source Application Area

Hisense water source multi-split air conditioning system successfully combines water source control technology, multi-split control technology, DC inverter-driven technology and environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, blends the technical advantages of air cooled chiller unit, and take advantages of the low grade heat such as ocean, soil, industrial waste heat and municipal waste water to realize cooling and heating, then greatly saves energy.

The adoption of water source multi split air conditioning system is free from conventional low temperature climate and geographical constraints, it can be widely used in the following water conditions and also be used in combination with other energy sources such as solar and other new energy.


Hisense water source inverter driven multi split air conditioning incorporates the merits of air cooled inverter driven multi-split system and water soil source heat pump system. Its own high flexibility of variable load adjustment, high partial load efficiency and high combination freedom in multi-split system, and also has the advantages of high energy efficiency and stable operation in water soil heat pump system, then greatly umproves the unit’s overall operating performances.