Hi Flexi Central Air Conditioning Heat recovery System

High Technology Quality

Hisense Flexi R Series heat recovery air conditioning system realize simultaneous cooling and heating operation within one refrigerating system, which not only contributes to energy conservation but also meets various requirements of different customers. Because rooms generate varying thermal loads according to building orientation or local hot or cold spots, the space where cooling is required all year round and space where cooling and heating should be changed over seasonally coexist in the same building. Also, air conditioning needs vary from person to person, from room to room, especially at the turn of seasons. Under these circumstances, Hisense heat recovery system debuted. Besides, from the viewpoints of application and environmental protection, Hisense introduce a comprehensive air conditioning management system that makes it easier for users to conduct air conditioning monitoring and control according to usage status.

Heat Recovery Green Design, Evironmentally Friendly, High Efficient and Energy Saving

Heat recovery multi-split air conditioning realizes simultaneous cooling and heating through perfect combination of DC inverter technology and heat recovery technology, which results in 20% energy saving compared with traditional air conditioning. At the same time, the extended scope of application and high quality that users experienced have been offered on the basis of effective running cost reduction

Basically, the refrigerant piping system of Hi-Flexi R series consist of liquid pipe, high pressure gas pipe and low pressure gas pipe. By the use of switch box change over unit which is regulated by micro-computer low pressure gas pipe and high pressure gas pipe can be used alternately, consequently, cooling/heating simultaneous operation works.

Humanized Design, Flexible Response to the change of demand

Meeting various requirements of consumers who are sensitive to temperature and diverse space with different function from the perspective  of humanity especially at the turn of the season, like the complex of equipment rooms and offices, or the guest rooms and dining hall in the same hotel etc.

The latest heat recovery multi-split system achieves indoor units cooling and heating at the same time and being switched between two modes individually, which flexibly satisfies personalized need of different users.