Hisense Inverter-driven Central Air Conditioning

Hi-Flexi M Series standing on the high level of multi-split technology adopt high efficient high pressure chamber compressor and leading inverter control technology, which further improve the system performance and energy efficiency. The modular combination method realizes the system capacity of 8-48HP in a 2HP increment by combining 5 base units from 8HP to 16 HP. Such a strong lineup provides better air conditioning solution for work, leisure and living space.


  • High Flexible Design and Installation

    • More Flexible Piping work
    • Layered Placement for High Rise Building
    • Compact and Lightweight Design
    • Various Model Types Easily Match Different Spatial Layout
    • Flexible Ways of Air Supply & Air Return
  • High Intelligent Control System

    • Various Controllers
    • Building Management System
    • H-Net Management System
    • Air Conditioning Electric Charge Allocation System
  • High Technology Support Platform

    • High Efficient High Pressure Scroll Compressor
    • DC Inverter-Driven Technique
    • Oil Control technique to improve reliability
    • Intelligent Defrosting and Rapid Heating
    • Rotational Operation to Distribute Load of Outdoor Units
    • Wide Working Range
    • 25 Step Fan Speed Control
    • Wide Range of External Static Pressure of outdoor units
    • New Efficient Heat Exchanger
    • Double Backup Operation Function
    • Automatic Reset Function
  • High Quality User Experience

    • Top Class Low Noise Design
    • Precise Temperature Control
    • The Advocate and Practice of Low Carbon Life