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Hisense Hi Smart L Series is designed and developed for high end residential and commercial space.

From the appearances and functions of indoor and outdoor units to be world’s leading inverter driven multi split core technologies and the application of the most advanced core components. Hi Smart L embodies the understanding and pursuit of the high-end quality life by Hisense inverter-driven central Air Conditioning.

Perfect Visual Perception and excellent comfort degree make Hi-smart L series as the sign of high-end residence and the founder of luxury life.

Efficient services

Ensure Luxury Life

The hisense  Hi Smart L series provides one stop solution service of central air conditioning system for high end residential projects.

High Quality project Design

Adhering to aim of the company “Serve Customers wholeheartedly” and according to the customers’ requirements, Hisense professional technical engineers provide recommended products combinations and optimized project designs.

High Quality Installation Services

Adhering to aim of the company “Serve Customers wholeheartedly”, Hisense always proceeds from brand core values and customers’ quality requirements, provides professional technical training for installation engineers, conducts installation works according to technical standards strictly and perform fine commissioning work, which ensure good operation of system.

High Quality After Sales Services

Adhering to aim of the company “Serve Customers wholeheartedly”, Hisense remains  efficient service awareness, good professional quality and high degree social responsibility. Service personnel will arrive at the site in time, perform maintenance work in accordance with standard procedures and regulations strictly and provide thoughtful and meticulous service for customers when they are in trouble.