Hisense Hi smart & Hi Flexi series provide a wide selection of indoor units for indoor decoration and creates a personalized living space.

Ceiling Ducted Type (Low Static Pressure) & Ceiling Ducted Type (High Static Pressure)

  • Intallation space saving (less than 270mm in height can be easily fit into the limited space in the false ceiling (7.5-24.2Btu/h))

  • Flexible support a wide range of installation condition on site

  • Fresh Indoor Air – by introducing fresh outdoor air and being equiped with air filter to keep indoor air clean

  • Excellent Air Flow – Cooling /Heating air is distributed from the unit to indoor space through ducts, which creates a comfortable environment

  • Optional Parts – Drain up mechanism can be supplied as optional part


Low Height Ceiling Ducted Type & Slim Height Ceiling Ducted Type

  • Installation Space Saving – with a height of 192mm may be easily installed inside the low height residential ceiling.

  • Drain up Mechanism as Standard Part – Drain up length achieves 900mm which enables convenient drain piping and enlarges the flexibility of installation.

  • Broad Range of External Static Pressure – 10Pa(or 30Pa), flexibly supports a wide range of installation conditions at site, eg. longer ducts and shorter ducts supplied.

  • Satisfy Varied Request on Installation – Available air inlets as rear or bottom entry, consumers can choose relevant air inlet mode according to the practical installation space.

Indoor unit selections