We provide fresh solution to heating and cooling system. Nowadays, where all the products seem similar, Hisense VRF comes with highly distinctive solutions with various types and purposes as listed below.

Hisense Inverter Driven Multi Split Central Air Conditioning

Hi Flexi G+ Series is the latest larger capacity full DC inverter-driven multi-split central air conditioning product. It’s focusing on the customers requirements and comfort, representing Hisense high quality and technology.

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Hisense Hi-Flexi X Series

Hi-Flexi X Series is equipped with large capacity full DC inverter compressor. The wide capacity range and compact structure design make it suitable for various place such as office building, shopping mall, hospital, and so on. This unit have system capacity are 8-64HP. The modular combination needed from 18-64HP by combining 4 base units fromĀ  16HP.

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Hisense Inverter-driven Central Air Conditioning

Hi-Flexi M Series standing on the high level of multi-split technology adopt high efficient high pressure chamber compressor and leading inverter control technology, which further improve the system performance and energy efficiency. The modular combination method realizes the system capacity of 8-48HP in a 2HP increment by combining 5 base units from 8HP to 16 HP. Such a strong lineup provides better air conditioning solution for work, leisure and living space.

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Hisense heat recovery air conditioning system

Hisense Hi-Flexi R Series heat recovery air conditioning system realize simultaneous cooling and heating operation within one refrigerating system, which not only contributes to energy conservation but also meet various requirements of different customers. Because rooms generate varying thermal loads according to building orientation or local hot or cold spots, the space where cooling is required all year round and space where cooling and heating should be changed over seasonally coexist in the same building. Also, air conditioning needs vary from person to person, from room to room, especially at the turn of seasons. Under these circumstances, Hisense heat recovery system debuted. Besides, from the viewpoints of application and environmental protection, Hisense introduce a comprehensive air-conditioning management system that makes it easier for users to conduct air-conditioning monitoring and control according to usage status.

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Bit by Bit, Maximize Energy Saving Hisense Water-source Inverter-driven Multi-split Air Conditioning

With the gradual development of the concept of pro the improvement of low-carbon economy and quality of people put forward higher requirements in energy conservation, comfort, flexibility and other aspects of air conditioning products.

Hisense always adheres to the concept of sustainable development, and makes efforts to enlarge environmental friendly product lines through continuous technical innovation and development and utilization of new energy. In dual consideration of environmental protection and economic effects, it takes innovation as the forerunner, views environmental protection and comfort as the goal, incorporates advances inverter- driven technology, water source heat pump technology and renewable resources utilization technology, and introduces a water-source inverter-driven multi-split air conditioning systems. Hisense is committed to improve customers’ quality of life and low carbon economy, then greatly promotes the progress of environmental protection.

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Hi-smart Home Central Air-Conditioning

Hisense Hi-smart L series is designed and developed for high-end residential and commercial space

For appearance and functions of indoor and outdoor units to be world’s leading inverter-driven multi-split core technologies and the application of the most advanced core components. Hi-smart L embodies the understanding and pursuit of the high-end quality life by Hisense inverter-driven central Air Conditioning.

Perfect Visual Perception and excellent comfort degree make Hi-smart L series as the sign of high-end residence and the founder of luxury life.

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Indoor Unit for Hi-flexi and Hi-smart series

Hisense Hi-flexi & Hi-smart series provides a wide selection of indoor units for indoor decoration and creates a personalized living space.

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Hi Smart Home Central Air Conditioning

The outdoor unit of Hi-smart E series adopts compact body design which realizes flexible placement and space-saving. The delicate design of indoor units and elegant home decoration style set off mutually. Different types of indoor units for different room functions create high-grade living environment.

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